Friday, September 20, 2013

The Host-Inspired Wardrobe

In the book The Host, the Seeker and her cohorts wear black all the time (in the movie, they wear white, which I know can be kind of confusing).  So it got me thinking about the best black accessories/pieces that you should have in your closet.  Black is one of my favorite colors to wear because it can match with just about anything or tame down a bright outfit.  So here are my favorite choices:

Top 5 Black Pieces for your Closet 
  • A large black purse.  A black purse can basically fit every season and go with any outfit.  A staple must!
  • Black nail polish.  Yes, I know this can seem bold, so give deep purple a try if you're afraid to take the leap.  Or start with your toes for a less dramatic effect.  But dark nail polish highlights your nails and sharpens your outfit!
  • A black scarf.  I love scarves for fall, but even a black scarf can tame a bright summer outfit!  I especially love infinity scarves tied in a circle.
  • Black heels.  Wear them with dresses, skirts, jeans--you name it.  So classy!  The ones pictured are my favorites--they're from Madden Girl.
  • Black skinny jeans.  I can't imagine my life without skinny jeans.  Black is just a go-to color that gives you a blank canvas for your outfit.

So what do you think?  What black items are staples in your wardrobe/beauty closet?

Catch me this weekend for a peek at a new bathroom accessory and an outfit of the day!  And Monday I'll be back with a review on Pregnant Pause by Han Nolan!

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