Friday, September 13, 2013

Shine-Inspired Outfit

In yesterday's book review of Shine by Lauren Myracle, I explained that the book was set in a poor area of North Carolina during the summertime.  Immediately I knew the type of outfit that Cat (the protagonist) would wear: a lightweight floral dress with sandals.  Something simple that would flow in a summer breeze.  So here's what I designed:

Isn't it cute?

So here's my thought process behind the design:
  • The dress is simple and perfect for summer.  For some reason I love shorter dresses to have a floral design, and this is a cute pattern.
  • A jean jacket vest adds some warmth for cooler nights but isn't fancy.  And denim just has that country town feel, doesn't it?
  • I passed on boots since the book was set in the heat of summer and opted for these cute sandals instead (these particular sandals are from Target--I love me some inexpensive but trendy Target!).
  • Simple dangly gold earrings to jazz up the look.  I think every woman has some kind of earring set like this and these earrings can come super cheap.
  • Lip gloss to add a little color, because who wants to load their face with makeup during the summer heat?  And FYI--NYX is a very inexpensive lip gloss brand with great color!
Such a sweet summer look--feminine but still rather modest.  What do you think?  What are some of your favorite summer looks?

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