Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Anna Dressed In Blood-Inspired Outfit

Did you see my review from Monday on Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake?  It's a creepy supernatural/horror/mystery about a guy named Cas who's hunting down an intense ghost named Anna.  Anna was killed on her way to a high school dance in the 1950s and now slaughters anyone who comes near her...until she meets Cas.

Yeah, it's a creepy book but was a great read!  Today's inspiration is an outfit based off of Anna (because she is the most delicious character in the book!).  And I figured since Anna was murdered on her way to a dance, I should create a sophisticated night-out look.  But don't worry--I'm leaving out the gore!

So here's the look I designed:

Pretty, right?

So let me break it down--
  • Even though Anna wears a white dress (the dress in which she was murdered), I think of her as a very dark character full of vengeance.  So I chose a sleek, black dress as the main part of the look.  Don't you just love this style dress?  It could be dressed up or down depending on the event, and I love the way the belt accents the waist.
  • But of course, Anna is a gruesome, gory character, so I had to throw in pops of red.  I love a good red pump, so the high heel was an obvious choice.  A dangerous shoe indeed :)
  • I thought a long, tassel necklace would look great with this style of the dress, so I added a silver tassel necklace.  But I couldn't resist adding a ruby pendant necklace, too!  Like a drop of blood, perhaps (ok, maybe I'm getting too literal here!)?  I love to layer necklaces, especially when they're dainty on their own, and these two necklaces paired together are great!
  • To add some fun I threw in some silver bangle bracelets and a shimmery red nail polish (the Butter London brand is my favorite, even if it is rather pricey).  
  • And to finish it off I added some black stud earrings.  These earrings keep the outfit together without taking away from the other accents.  I wanted the necklaces to draw in the eye rather than dangly earrings.
What do you think?  Could you see yourself wearing an outfit like this?  Does it remind you of a dangerous, secretive ghost like Anna?

Tomorrow I'm reviewing the second book in the Anna series, Girl of Nightmares.  See you then!

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