Saturday, September 21, 2013

Add a Little Harry Potter to your Saturday...

Libraries have been finding a new vandalizing trend lately, and I found it so hilarious that I HAD to put it in our house.  And it all revolves around Harry Potter!  I am a huge Harry Potter fan (I am a proud Hufflepuff, thank you very much!) and thought this was a perfect way to incorporate the books into our house--it's subtle, clever, and sure to get a chuckle out of our Harry Potter-lovin' friends!

So here it is:

It's a sign on our toilet that directs the way to the Ministry of Magic!  *Wizards entered the Ministry of Magic through toilets, FYI.  
I wanted to incorporate some orange into the frame to match our shower curtain, so I just bought some orange sparkly paper at JoAnn's.  And I just printed out the phrase in one of my favorite fonts that I downloaded from

What do you think?  How are you Harry Potter-ing your house?

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