Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Out of the Easy-Inspired Outfit

As I mentioned before in my review on Out of the Easy, I love the side characters in this book.  As quirky and diverse as they are, they nevertheless make up a family unit.  One character I especially loved was Dora, an upper-level prostitute working for madam Willie.  Her trademark was green--she ALWAYS wore green.  And I pictured her as one of the more fun women to be around in the house.  Those two traits--her love of green and her friendliness--led me to create this outfit:

Of course I wanted it to feature green as the main pop of color, but I also wanted some splashes of fun!  So let me break it down:

  • I love pairing colored shorts with a simple tank blouse, so that's what I did here.  Bright green shorts with a fun bow and a feminine, flowing white blouse. 
  • My favorite part of this outfit--the necklace!  How beautiful is that?!  It adds all the green I want and gives a bold statement.
  • Tan wedge heels are fun shoes that don't take away from the necklace (I definitely want the necklace as the centerpiece of the outfit!).
  • I added some mint green nail polish to draw out the softer colors in the necklace, but to add a kick I topped it with gold glitter polish.  Because glitter = fun!
What a super-cute outfit for the end of summer!

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