Monday, August 31, 2015

Inhuman-Inspired Outfit

If you read my review of Inhuman by Kat Falls, you know I loved it.  Straight up loved it.  I'm making my Library Media students read it this semester because I want someone with me about it! 

Today's outfit is obviously inspired by that book and focuses on the animal that eventually takes over a person.  So it's an outfit with a hint of animal.  *And let's just pause for a second--how scary would it be to have a virus/animal slowly take over your body?!

I chose a tiger because I loved the Tiger-Man in the book...unpredictable, vicious, yet well-spoken.  I wanted to design something that represented the danger yet fascination of a tiger.  And here's what I designed:

Chic, right?
  • I think rompers are pretty eye-catching because not everyone can pull them off.  Black rompers are elegant and sophisticated, yet casual at the same time.  You could wear them to a dinner party or a movie night.
  • The black sandals remind me of being outside (again, that animal trait).  There's enough detail on the sandal to keep the outfit from being too casual.
  • The gold necklace and gold spike earrings are so beautiful!  Draw your eye to them for sure.  A little edgy and elegant.
  • I couldn't resist the tiger bracelet.  It's not overwhelming "tiger" while still giving a punch of pattern.
What do you think?  I would totally wear this outfit!  How about you?

To see the outfit details, click here.

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