Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Stylish Week

The third week of a new school year is always the time to REALLY establish our routine.  The "honeymoon" phase is over and we're all getting a little more tired.

So this week I made these breakfast burritos on Sunday and made enough to last for each of our weekday breakfasts.  This made our morning breakfast time so easy and quick...we just heated up a burrito and headed out the door!

This was one of our favorite dinners this week--shrimp pasta made in a foil package (which made cleaning super easy!).  I think next time I'll double the sauce recipe, but this was a win for the family!

We had a first for our family this week--a trip to the movie theater!  We took the boys to see Home at the dollar theater.  We were surprised when we showed up for the 3D movie, but the boys did great!  They looked adorable in their 3D glasses!  Our oldest sat mesmerized for the whole movie, while Luke and the younger one played in the arcade for the second half.

Monday was one of the best days I've had in awhile--work was fun, our morning went smoothly, and the boys played perfectly together.  And I was surprised when Luke was able to have lunch with me on his way to a work meeting.  We ate outside together on a picnic table.  What a handsome lunch date!

We picked up this really cool picnic table at Menards for our back deck.  Patio furniture was on clearance and we were able to get the display table and therefore not have to assemble anything!  I love the hexagon shape of the table--it fits six comfortably but can easily squeeze in extra children.  My dad pointed out that everyone can get up from the table without forcing anyone else to move--a nice perk!  The perfect addition for our backyard!

Our youngest has become obsessed with coloring lately (he calls it "harring!").  This is how I found him in the kitchen this week while I was making dinner.  He will color anywhere in any position.

And totally unplanned this week was Luke and little boy dressed alike for work/school.  How cute are they?!

Yesterday our niece celebrated her eighth birthday so we took the 3-hour trip to her party.  Our boys love music so we had fun singing along to the Disney Pandora station.  We had to listen to this song multiple times so the boys could sing along.

What made your week stylish?

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