Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Stylish Week

Another week and another month has gone by!  I can't believe I've been back at school for a month! Here's what was stylish and special about this week:

Recently we started attending a new church and fortunately the transition was easy for the boys.  They've been all smiles every time we pick them up from class!

I was honored last week to present at CYPD, a library conference targeting librarians who work with children and teens.  I presented on how to connect students with books when you've just run out of ideas.  I had a full house, GREAT questions, and lovely feedback.  It rejuvenated me for a new week and I hope it did for everyone else, too!

Our oldest loves the movie Big Hero 6, but since it's not a super new movie, finding a Baymax toy proved to be a challenge.  But we did find one (thank you, FYE!) and he even joined us for our dinner prayer.

Luke painted our garage floor this week.  I know it's kind of hard to see in the photo, but it's a cream color with speckles. Next up will be trim!

Got to take a LUSH bath this week with this bubble bar.  It was delightful.

My older sis Alison came in to town this week from Washington, DC and it was fun to visit and celebrate her and Lauren's daughters' birthdays.  Here we are on a family walk together.  Too bad you can't see Alison's pregnant belly--it's so cute!

 So what made your week stylish?

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