Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Stylish Week

What a busy, fun, change-filled week!  With our first full week of school, we got our family back into a routine this week and focused on a new year.  The boys adapted well (a little grumpy in the morning with the new wake-up time) and I was only slightly exhausted by Friday.

Take a look at what made my week stylish!

We had a really great food week in our house.  I spent extra care meal-planning because I wanted to make sure we were getting all the fuel we needed!  This above all came from The Pioneer Woman--it's her pan-fried pork chop, au gratin potatoes, and oven-roasted asparagus (pssst...don't tell my Crossfit trainers!).  

And this dinner was totally satisfying and perfect for next-day leftovers!  It's a sausage and roasted vegetables with penne--yum!

This is DEFINITELY going to be a staple lunch for us (I already made it again for this week!).  It's a tortellini salad with tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto, and olives.  Made enough for me and Luke to eat it twice for lunch!

This little guy started preschool this week.  The sign is hard to read--it says that he wants to be a fireman--but I just had to share this photo because he said this was his "fireman face."  He LOVED preschool and even got to feed the fish on Friday, which is what he was DYING to do.

I bought this LUSH tunic in two colors (white and olive) during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  A perfect purchase!  This tunic is long enough to cover my butt and a blank slate for easy styling.  Here I'm wearing the white with black skinny pants, the leopard heels, and layered necklaces.

I wore the olive on Friday with jeans (we can wear jeans on Friday if we wear school colors and my school colors are green and gold) with my favorite $11 shoe purchase ever--tan sandal heels.

The shoes are amazing.

And speaking of fashion, one of my students wore this shirt this week and I loved it.  Nerdy cool, which is what I'm all about.  He said he got it from JC Penney (didn't find the exact shirt on their site).

After living in our house for 11 months and allowing the neighbors to watch us eat dinner every night (not to mention constantly fighting the setting sun), we FINALLY bought and installed new blinds.  I love them!

And we had this visitor this week!  Not sure if it's a moth, butterfly...male, female...but it stuck around for hours on our garage.

What made your week stylish?!


  1. YAY for an awesome week! I LOVE your outfits, and the black purse is super cute. I believe you have a Lunar Moth in the last photo, they're so pretty!! xoxoxo

  2. I should've known you would know what moth that was, Ariel! Thanks for the info :)