Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Stylish Week

Time for another Stylish Week post!  I just love these posts!

Have you tried these yogurts?  I loved them this week.  They were the perfect pick-me-up in the afternoon when I needed some chocolate (but didn't want to actually eat a chocolate bar).  Luke didn't really care for these, which meant more for me!  The mint chocolate was absolutely delish, as was the banana chocolate.

One evening this week we took the boys to meet some friends and kick a soccer ball around.  Our oldest will be playing in a soccer league in September, so we were trying to warm him up and teach him the basics (like "No, don't pick up the ball!"  Or "if you're the goalie you can move to try to stop the ball!").  This little guy, though, had fun just playing in the grass:

The net was a big hit!

A package I have been SO EXCITED about came this week...this will definitely be in my August Favorites video at the end of the month (yep, I'm holding you in suspense until then!).

My friend Haylie braided my hair, which led to me making this video.  I got over 800 views in 24 hours which had me and Luke in hysterics!

I don't wear a lot of school spirit T-shirts, because I'm just so picky on my wardrobe.  But when my friend Blaine designed these T-shirts for the Cross Country team, I was sold.  They help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future.

Next year is Top Gun...oh yes.

Friday night we were invited to "Symphony on the Prairie," an Indianapolis Symphony event at Conner Prairie (a historical, outdoor museum).  We went with some of Luke's co-workers.  It was jazz night and centered on Frank Sinatra.  Beautiful weather and such a nice night!

I made baked brie for our table to share (and put an airplane on top to represent Luke's aviation department).

Recipe is here.

Luke and I even danced--it was so fun!  Dancing to jazz under the moonlight!

And that sums up the stylish part of my week!  What made your week stylish?

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