Monday, August 17, 2015

The Sound of Letting Go-Inspired Outfit

I love this outfit.  I would wear this outfit today.  It's cute and fun but definitely looks more put together than just jeans and a t-shirt.  And that's just the type of outfit that I like--comfortable, cute, and easy to throw together!

In The Sound of Letting Go, Daisy is a trumpet player and finds an escape when she plays.  An escape from her autistic brother, an escape from her fighting parents, and an escape from her confusion on her own identity.  So as I designed an outfit for her, I wanted to design something trendy for a high school students while expressing her love of music.  And here's what we have:

  • The T-shirt is adorable--it's a throw to the movie Amadeus and is probably a favorite of many orchestra fans.  Pairing it with a short black skirt somehow makes a T-shirt even cuter and dresses it up immediately.
  • The burgundy cardigan adds some color and gives an extra layer to the outfit.
  • These Keds are adorable and keeps the look casual.
  • A wrap bracelet and pearl stud earrings are easy accessories that won't be in Daisy's way as she plays the trumpet.
I love the mix of the casual and the dressy.  Definitely an adorable look for school!

Interested in any of these pieces?  Check them out here.

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