Wednesday, August 5, 2015

REVIEW and Outfit--Cracked

I'll be honest--rehab books are not my favorite.  They're usually pretty depressing and even foul to an extent.  And I don't always want to add more drama to my life when I read!  So when I was assigned to read Cracked by K.M. Walton for an Indiana reading list committee, I knew I had to gear myself up for it.  But wow was I surprised!  Today I'm reviewing and sharing an outfit for the book!

  • Standalone novel
  • Realistic fiction
The Gist:
Victor's life is completely miserable.  He has no friends, his parents expect nothing less than PERFECTION from him (and punish him when he doesn't achieve it), and is relentlessly bullied by a classmate named Bull.  So he decides to end it all and swallows a bottle of sleeping pills.
But Victor wakes up in a rehab hospital, and now not only does he have to deal with his problems, but he also has to share a room with a teen boy and allow him to deal with his problems.
And then Victor sees his roommate--and it's Bull.

What I Loved:
  • This book just had me from the plot.  How often do bullies and victims end up paired together at school, in sports, etc?  
  • There's a double point of view--Victor and Bull both tell the story.  It's fascinating to see the story from both of their views.  At times you feel sorry for Bull and his living situation, but then you see his actions toward Victor and you remember that he truly is a bully.
  • Victor's time in rehab not only shows how he deals with Bull but how he deals with his inward struggles and insecurities.  A lot of depth here.
  • Definitely satisfied with the ending.
What I Didn't Love:
  • The adults who worked in this rehab facility were idiots.  Victor is imploring with the employees to switch his room, and no one would give him the time of day.  Aren't they there to LISTEN to their patients, at the very least?!  Man I hope these characters aren't based off real-life people.
  • The man who Bull "meets" in the cemetery is a little too good to be true.  
A really enjoyable read for me and one that I think my students will love as well (even though I said I don't prefer rehab books, teens LOVE them!).  This will be an easy one to recommend!

I thought I would design this book's outfit for Victor.  Victor is smart and well-behaved and his family/teachers expect top-notch performance from him.  So I designed an outfit that gives off a smart, studious vibe.  And here it is:

Wouldn't you assume that a guy wearing this outfit was a well-behaved young man?  That is definitely the expectation for Victor.
  • The plaid shorts, denim shirt, and gray sweater all give off a preppy vibe.  The muted colors make the outfit appealing, not overpowering.
  • Boat shoes do the same and really solidify this as a "good boy" outfit.
  • A bright silver watch is the perfect accessory for a guy.
What do you think?  Would you like to see a guy wearing this?  Get all the details for the outfit here.

More fun coming this week!

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