Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beta-Inspired Makeup

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  We have had a lovely day just enjoying our family--we've watched a movie, snuggled, and raced cars (with the boys, of course!).  We're super excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with extended family tomorrow--I'll share a few fun treats from the day tomorrow!

Today I'm sharing a makeup look inspired by the cover of Beta by Rachel Cohn.  So as a reminder, here's the cover:


This is Elysia, a clone.  Which is why she has this purple tattoo on her face.  Now I have nothing against tattoos, but I don't necessarily get excited about dominate tattoos on the face, so I decided to find a bold but manageable eye look.  And I love the collection I've created!  *Please note: this is not my face below; this is simply an image I found that demonstrates exactly what I wanted!

Purple winged eye
Basically this is a purple winged eye look.  Since the cover tattoo features the side of Elysia's face, I wanted an eye look that extended out a little.  Winged looks are GREAT for jazzing up your face a bit without going crazy overboard.  I added the illustration on the bottom right to show exactly how to draw the winged eyeliner.  I prefer using eyeliner pens for this because they are so simple to use!  Almay makes a pretty inexpensive one that lasts for quite awhile.  

The purple eye shadow is applied with the lightest color extending to the eyebrow, the middle color on the lid, and the darkest color in the outer corner and crease (that tends to be the go-to method for applying eye shadow).  I tossed in a few beautiful eye shadows that would work well--Polyester Bride by Urban Decay and the Armani Face & Eye palette.  

So are YOU bold enough to try a winged eyeliner look?  With the holidays approaching, why not add a little wing to your party look?

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I'll be posting a few images from my day with my family.  But I'll be back on Monday with another book review--and a "Who Wore It Best?" cover contest!  See you then!

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