Sunday, November 3, 2013

Add a Little Star Gazing to your Weekend...

Ok, WARNING: Cheesy post ahead.  And yet it's not cheesy--it's romantic, budget-friendly, thoughtful, and just what we needed this week.

Our lives have been SO busy lately!  October was crazy!  I went to Washington, D.C., Luke had a four-day work conference, I had a two-day work conference, we drove to North Carolina, and we celebrated Halloween.  Oh yeah and we're raising two active boys.  Needless to say Luke and I felt at times that we barely saw each other.

And let's be honest--dates can be expensive.  We don't have much family nearby (and we hate taking advantage of relatives!) so we get a babysitter for many of our dates.  Plus we love trying out new restaurants.

All of that to say that we really needed an inexpensive date, just the two of us.  So I decided to surprise Luke with a spontaneous, inexpensive date:


Here's what I did:
  • Set up two chairs in the yard with a comfy blanket.
  • Made some "jazzed up" apple cider (apple cider boiled with cinnamon sticks, which was then topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon)
  • Put the boys to bed and waited to make sure they were in a deep sleep for the night (fortunately my boys are GREAT sleepers!)
  • Brought Luke outside for the surprise!
Why was this date so great?  
  • It was QUIET!  Just us and the stars, so we had time to just talk and relax.
  • We could snuggle!  Who doesn't love being under the same blanket as their spouse?!
  • It was the perfect mix of hot and cold.  It was a little chilly outside (although not windy, thank goodness!) and the hot apple cider balanced it perfectly.
  • It was fun to look at the stars and try to find constellations.  We learned we're not the best of that, though...I thought I found the Little Dipper in three spots!
  • It only cost us the price of the cider.  No babysitter, no expensive meal, no driving.
  • It was creative and a surprise, which Luke totally appreciated.  And your spouse would, too!  The extra thought that you put into a date makes it special.
So go outside with your honey and gaze at the stars!  Bonus points if you put a blanket in the back of a pickup truck!

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