Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Between Shades of Gray-Inspired Outfit

On Monday I reviewed Between Shades of Gray, one of my favorite reads ever!  So I was really excited to design an outfit based off of Lina, the main character.  When I met Ruta Sepetys last week, she asked me how I would design an outfit for this book since it was set in Siberia.  And I really didn't know.  But I love what I've come up with for Lina!  Here it is:

An Outfit of Hope 

Now, I don't expect anyone to wear this outfit in Siberia, so let me explain the inspiration:
  • I knew I wanted the main color of the outfit to be gray, because let's be honest--the book has a depressing premise.  Lina is not going to be in bright pink!  This dress is simple but has lace, which is very reminiscent of the past.  And this particular dress is pretty inexpensive--$50 at Target!
  • The shoes (which are NOT inexpensive--they're Alexander McQueen's at almost $500!) also give the simple look.  I wanted some girly flats, and I think these show it off best.
  • I wanted simple accessories with some meaning.  The charm bracelet (around $150 at Tiffany's) is sweet and girly and demonstrates Lina's love for family and art.
  • And then I added some pops of green.  Why green?  Because I was an English major and learned that green is the color of hope.  And Lina has so much hope in this book--and she really has to have hope, because otherwise she would never survive.  So I added two green accessories--a belt (less than $10 at Target) and stud earrings (around $42 at Macy's).  
So what do you think?  I just love the adaptation of the book!

I'll be back tomorrow with a new book review--see you then!

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