Monday, November 18, 2013

REVIEW--Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Happy Monday!  On to a new book review today!  Today's review is on Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi.

  • First in the Under the Never Sky series
  • Dystopian
The Gist:
In Aria's world, there are two groups--the Dwellers, who live in an underground Dome, and the Outsiders, who live outside in tribes.  These two groups hate each other.  But both have an equal problem with Aether, constant storms of electrical energy.  
Aria is a Dweller and is kicked out of her Dome home, Reverie, for a crime she didn't commit.  She has absolutely no survival skills and needs to get to her mom, who is in another Dome area called Bliss.
Perry, an Outsider, is trying to get his nephew Talon back from the Dweller Guardians that kidnapped him.  
These two are enemies by nature but might have to come together in order to survive.

What I Loved:
  • There are some unique dystopian features in this book--Aria wears a SmartEye, characters have powers (can read emotions, hear from long distances, etc.).  
  • The cannibal characters are so creepy!  They wear bells and these warnings just add an extra spooky factor to their character.
  • There is a twist at the end of the book regarding Talon, Perry's brother Vale, and their tribe--I totally didn't see this coming!
  • Counselman Hess and Soren are so evil--great villains!
  • Roar!  My favorite character--I heart Roar.
What I Didn't Love:
  • I wish I could've seen more of Aria before she got kicked out of Reverie.  It happens so early on in the book that you don't see much character development.  I would have loved to see more of Aria's friendship with Paisley.
  • Aria and Perry's relationship turns so fast--they go from being enemies to practically in love.  I didn't buy it happening so quickly. 
My favorite quote:  "Blame me if this turns out to be the greatest night of your life."

A great read!  Very entertaining and fast-paced...great for dystopian fans!

I'll be back on Wednesday with an outfit inspired by Aria.  And tomorrow's Top Ten Tuesday is going to be a fun topic!  See you then!

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