Friday, November 15, 2013

Black Boy, White School-Inspired Look

Yesterday I shared my thoughts on Brian F. Walker's debut book Black Boy, White School.  In it, Ant is an African American from the ghetto side of Cleveland who tries to make a new life for himself in an East Coast private school.

So he is the inspiration for today's outfit, and I knew just what I wanted to do!  I wanted to create a "slackened" boarding school look.  Since many private schools have uniforms, I wanted Ant to have a uniform look with his own added style.  So here it is:

Slackened Prep School Look 
I really like the way it came together!  Let's discuss it:
  • The sweater vest is kind of a given.  Who doesn't think of a private school with a sweater vest (especially if it has some plaid added to it)?  I chose burgundy because it's a manly color.
  • Paired with the sweater vest is a gray skinny tie.  I see Ant as wearing this loosely, just enough so that he's challenging the uniform norm.
  • Jeans of course--these are cooler than wearing khaki pants.
  • Converse shoes really bring the whole outfit down to a "cooler" level.  If this outfit had dressier shoes, it would definitely look more serious, but I wanted this look to have a more relaxed feel.

 So what do you think?  Does it fit Ant?  I could totally see him wearing something like this!

Next week I'll be reviewing the first two books in a very popular series--see you then!

Sweater vest--$32 from Lands End
Tie--$158 from
Shoes--$50 from PacSun
Jeans--$28 from Old Navy

*I am not connected with any of the above companies mentioned. 

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