Thursday, November 21, 2013

REVIEW--Through the Ever Night

Today's review is on Through the Ever Night by Veronica is the second book in the Under the Never Sky series.  I was so anxious to read this book after finishing the first, and now I am on pins and needles to start the third (which comes out in 2014!).

  • Second book in the Under the Never Sky series
  • Dystopian 
The Gist:
Perry and Aria have been separated for months, but now find themselves together to rescue Perry's nephew Talon and discover the whereabouts of the Still Blue.  But even though they're together again, their life is anything but easy.  Perry's tribe, the Tides, doesn't accept Aria for being a Dweller and wants her gone.  And Colonel Hess is putting so much pressure on Aria to find the Still Blue that she's simply running out of time.  Add to that the constant Aether storms.  Perry and Aria want to rely on each other, but surviving together is proving to be extremely difficult.

What I Loved:
  • You really get to see Perry and Aria develop as individual characters in this book.  They are together for awhile but their separate stories (with Perry now as a Blood Lord and Aria finding her place as half-Dweller and half-Outsider) really shine through in this book. 
  • ROAR!  Oh, I just love the character Roar so much...maybe even more than Perry!  He is funny and adorable and completely loyal to his love, Liv.
  • It isn't picture perfect for Perry and Aria even when they're together.  Perry struggles in his new role as Blood Lord and The Tides aren't liking Aria much...we as readers want their lives to just be perfect but this is definitely more realistic.
  • So much happens in this book!  They're trying to rescue Talon, Reverie is falling apart, Kirra poses a new threat, Cinder's powers are coming to surface, the Tides don't trust Perry, everyone is searching for the Still Blue, and we see Liv for the first time...whew!  So much that the book stays very unpredictable!
What I Didn't Love:
  • I loved the bell-wearing cannibals (the Crovens, I believe) in the first book, but they aren't in this book once!  They're so creepy that I just wanted them back. 
  • Marron.  I really loved him in the first book because he seemed so safe and ahead-of-the-game...but even he can't survive the raids and Aether taking over the land.  Disappointing since I had high expectations for him.
  • The cover.  Sorry, I'm just not into it.  Aria keeps describing Perry's blonde features, and the guy on the cover is a brunette.  And he looks so relaxed as he's sauntering down the path...this book is way too intense for that!
My favorite quote:  
"He'd only seen Roar stare vacantly at the water, or at the sky.  'You know, you could do a lot better than him, ladybug.'
Aria shook her head.  'No.  I couldn't.'"

 A great book and sequel--full of excitement and thrills!
Back tomorrow with an outfit based on the Dwellers...see you then! 

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