Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Met The Pioneer Woman!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I'm a little sleepy today...it was a loooong night last night!  My sister, Lauren, and I drove 2 hours to meet The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) and have her sign our new cookbooks.  Lauren is a HUGE PW fan and I have also really loved her blog, cookbooks, and Food Network show.  She just seems so real--personally and in her recipes.

So we waited about 2 1/2 hours before it was our turn to meet Ree (and there were a TON of people still in line behind us!) and she was absolutely lovely!  I had worn my "Pioneer Woman" peasant top in her honor (she tends to favor peasant tops in her photos and show episodes)...I mean, c'mon, if I'm going to have a blog called "Stylish in the Stacks," I have to represent when I meet someone!  Here's what my outfit looked like:

And when I met her, the first thing she said was "Oh your outfit is so cute!"  Yeah, I was super excited to say the least!  She was completely genuine and humble and I might have told her that she was adorable--yep.  I said that. 

We met her daughters, Alex, and Paige, too--here's a photo of Lauren with them.  Lauren is 5'7" and look how short she looks!  Those girls could be models--tall, thin, and super sweet.

And here I am with Ree:

A fun way to start my Thanksgiving week!  See you tomorrow for some makeup inspiration!

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