Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Thanksgiving Recap

Hello, readers and fashionistas!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  Our family celebrated through a new tradition this year, but it was one that we all really enjoyed!

Instead of spending hours cooking the traditional meal...and then cleaning and cleaning and cleaning...and then eating ALL the leftovers...we met my side of the family at a local state park lodge.  We ate a giant buffet at the lodge--avoided all cleanup!--and then enjoyed their indoor water park.  A really great decision, because it allowed us to just enjoy the holiday as a family without spending so much time working.

And of course, I got to enjoy so much time with these little guys:

Baby Cedar...always smiling

And chatty little Ransom!

And to make our day even more fun, I brought along some Thanksgiving photo booth props that I found and downloaded from here!  We had a lot of fun with these:

My sister and her brother-in-law has a chicken leg mustache!

My parents and Cedar...or should we call them John and Mary Smith?!

Little Indian Cedar sticking his tongue out!

And little Indian Ransom!

And of course me and Luke..."So Thankful" just sums it all up!

We finished the holiday with a free train ride around the local town and a quick visit with Santa (Ransom told him he wants "choo choo trains").

How was your holiday?  Did you start any neat traditions?
I'll see you back here tomorrow for a new book review!

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