Sunday, December 15, 2013

Add a Little Ornament Exchange to your Weekend...

I love Christmas traditions, and a few years ago I started one that is quickly becoming my favorite event of the Christmas season: an ornament exchange!  I simply gather a group of friends and we each bring an ornament (either store-bought or homemade).  We then draw names and exchange our ornaments.  I'll be honest--I LOVE watching each woman unwrap their ornament so we can oooh and aaah over it.  

Here are this year's ornaments:

They are all so cute!

I brought the ornament that is on the top row, third from the left.  It's store-bought (which is SO not me, but hey, I have two little boys at home that keep me busy!) and is a wire Christmas tree with jingle bell ornaments on the inside.  I received the large silver beaded snowflake ornament and it is going to match my tree perfectly!  This year's ladies really outdid themselves!

I love an ornament exchange more than the typical cookie exchanges because it gives you something to remember your friends and the changing Christmas seasons.  And who doesn't need a fun and creative girls' night out?!

So what Christmas traditions do you have?!  Ever been to an ornament exchange?  Tell me about it!

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