Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Who Wore It Best? Under the Never Sky vs. The Night She Disappeared

Maybe it's just my love for fashion and "Who Wore It Best?"...but...I couldn't help but notice some particular similarities between these two books...

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Girl on top of cover...walking.
Title underneath
Author on bottom

So who pulled it off the best?

I'm going to go with Under the Never Sky.  Here's what I think:
  • I like the variation in the font sizes better (with "Under the" being smaller than "Never Sky").
  • I prefer the brighter background and the clearer image of the main character.
  • The cover just fits the book more.  Aria is leaving her domed home and facing the rough outdoors.  Kayla, on the other hand, in The Night She Disappeared, is kidnapped from her car and not while out walking.
Do you agree?  Which cover do you prefer?

Be back tomorrow with an outfit inspired by The Night She Disappeared!

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