Thursday, December 12, 2013


A few years ago, I met Meg Cabot at an IU Alumni event.  It was kind of an embarrassing moment for me--I couldn't remember ANYTHING when I met her so I said the first thing that came to mind, which was "I saw on your blog that you were going to wear a gold dress and it's fabulous!"  Yeah, not my most intelligent moment, but she was gracious and chatted with me about the dress.
In fact, I think Meg and I would make great friends (with our girly similarities).  Hint, hint, Meg :)

Today I'm reviewing Meg's book Awaken, the third and final book in the Abandon series (so go read Abandon and Underworld if you haven't already!).  A very fun trilogy, so let's get going with the review.

Ahhh, beautiful cover!

  • Supernatural
  • 3rd book in the Abandon series
*You should definitely read Abandon and Underworld before reading this book!

The Gist:
Pierce is now living in the Underworld with her love, John.  They brought Alex and Kayla, too, to save them from the Furies that were trying to destroy them.  But there's now an imbalance and the Fates have disappeared.  This allows the Furies to attack even easier, and after a particularly strong attack, John may be gone forever.  Pierce knows she must return to Isla Huesos to return the balance of power and hopefully save John.

What I Loved:
  • The cover is gorgeous.  And oh so romantic!
  • I liked John the most in this book out of the whole trilogy.  He just wasn't as angry and was more relatable.
  • We saw a lot of characters return from the earlier books, and I loved having them reappear in the storyline.
  • The setting was perfectly creepy--hurricanes, debris, etc. 
What I Didn't Love:
  • Pierce's eyes got red whenever she became angry...kind of cheesy.
  • Pierce attacking the Furies with her diamond on a whip was kind of ridiculous.  And there was so much dialogue during the final fight scene that I started to forget they were fighting.
  • The people Pierce chose to take back to Isla Huesos were goofy choices--she takes Kayla because she can drive?!  Really?
My favorite quote:  "He said the word here like it was the worst place in the universe, which isn't true, since obviously high school is."

A really enjoyable read and finish to the trilogy.  A high recommendation!  I'll be back tomorrow with an outfit designed around Kayla, Pierce's close friend!


Happy reading!

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