Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This Is Not A Drill-Inspired Outfit

On Monday I reviewed the book This Is Not A Drill, a tragic realistic story about an elementary school hostage situation.  Since the topic is pretty serious and could hit home with many people, I decided to pick a more light-hearted side of the book to feature in my fashion re-do.  

In the book, Emery and Jake teach French to the first graders; isn't that adorable?!  I can just see a class of first graders throwing around "Merci!" and "Je voudrais..."
After thinking all about our Americanized interests of French culture--Eiffel tower, baguettes, berets--I decided to create a look based off of the French maid (but a PG-version!).

So here it is:

French Maid

Are you getting the French maid vibe?  

The outfit breakdown:
  • The striped skirt and cream blouse are the basis for the French maid look of black-and-white.  It's a flirty yet appropriate pairing.
  • French maids always have lace, so I added a fun, black lace necklace to add just a pop on the shirt.
  • Isn't that the most adorable French-inspired watch?!  Ok, a little over-the-top for the outfit but I couldn't resist!
  • You have to have good shoes if you're trying to look French.  These heels are GORGEOUS!
  • The red nail polish is a no-brainer.  It adds some vibrancy to the look.
So what do you think?

I'll be back tomorrow with a review of a sweet/humorous/realistic love story, Eleanor & Park.  See you then!

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