Friday, October 4, 2013

Rise-Inspired Outfit

Happy Friday!  

Yesterday I reviewed Rise, the final book in Anna Carey's Eve series.  In the book we see Eve become pretty rebellious--she is mourning the loss of her love, Caleb, and therefore, out to kill her father.  She makes some dangerous decisions in this book and ventures out on some pretty risky missions.  So today's outfit focuses on the times when she sneaks out of the palace.  She's fighting for a cause and basically risking it all.

So here's the outfit:

Rebellious look

Edgy, risky, dangerous...right?

Here's our breakdown:
  • I chose dark colors--black and burgundy--to represent the seriousness of Eve's situation.
  • The cross sweater is very trendy right now.  To me it looks like someone is fighting for a cause, standing up for their beliefs.  It's bold and difficult to ignore.
  • I paired the sweater with burgundy pants.  Pants because Eve needs to move easily in a mission and burgundy to give it a different pop of color.
  • The black booties toughen up the look but give Eve a chance to run when necessary.
  • Someone out to avenge their love's death is probably not concerned about jewelry, so accessories are minimal here.  A bold burgundy watch (you need a watch on a mission, right?) and a simple, black headband.  Strong choices that aren't overly girly or frivolous.

So what do you think?  Suitable for Eve's mission?

I'll be back this weekend with a look at my older sister's home decor and an OOTD post.  See you then!

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