Friday, October 25, 2013

The Madness Underneath-Inspired Outfit

Happy Friday, readers and fashionistas!

Yesterday I reviewed The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson.  In this book, main character Rory is back at Wexford Academy and helping a secret ghost society stop a new batch of dangerous ghosts.  Well, she's kind of back at Wexford, because really she is completely behind in her classes.
So today's outfit is inspired by her two lives--one as a student at a boarding school and one as a ghost hunter.  Here it is:

Dangerous Preppy Look

Even though I am neither in a boarding school nor chasing ghosts, I could totally see myself wearing this.

So here's the outfit:
  • The blazer is an obvious choice for a boarding school uniform.  This one has a great shape to it (it accentuates the waist and has a great shoulder line) and has that classy prep feel.
  • Even though boarding school students don't typically wear jeans, they are a necessary item for late-night ghost hunting.  These are great--they're kind of scuffy-looking and bring down the seriousness of the outfit.
  • These boots are awesome (and from Target!) and make running around super easy.
  • The purse (a Rebecca Minkoff) is completely classy and can be worn across the body.  Rich students have to have nice handbags, right?
  • And the red stud earrings are simple yet bright.  And this is a murder mystery, so maybe reminiscent of drops of blood?!

I hope you like the look!  I'll be back throughout the weekend, and next week I'll be reviewing a book by an author who I'm totally claiming as a friend--you'll find out why on Monday!

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