Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Knife and the Butterfly-Inspired Outfit

Hello, readers and fashionistas!  On Monday I reviewed Ashley Hope Perez's latest book, The Knife and the Butterfly.  So today's outfit is inspired by that book, specifically the main character Azael.  Now today's outfit is awfully girly to be inspired by a guy gang member, but it's really the colors I was after.  Here it is:

Butterfly Rainy Day Look 

This outfit is all about blue and white!  

I'll admit--today is a foggy, rainy day in Indiana and today I'll be at work, so this outfit combines the rainy atmosphere with a dressy work look.  
Why blue and white?  Because those are Azael's gang's colors...and gangs have to be recognizable by their colors (or so I've been told).
So let's break it down:
  • This royal blue jacket is TO DIE FOR!  So chic and perfect for a rainy day.  I love it!  Plus it gives me the pop of blue I wanted for this outfit.
  • Crisp white pants and a white button-down blouse.  This keep the outfit sleek while incorporating the white color (and yes, I know white isn't worn this time of year below the waist, but I totally ignore all social fashion "rules" when designing these outfits!).
  • I didn't want to add blue shoes, because that would be overdoing it, so I paired the outfit with gray/silver flats.  I love the toe silver detail on these!  Just the sophisticated pop I wanted.
  • Ok, these blue butterfly earrings are kind of cheesy, but this book uses a butterfly as a metaphor (and obviously in the title), so I added them.  In a way, though, they actually take a few years off the outfit, so this could definitely be worn by someone in her low 20s.
What do you think?  How would you incorporate blue and white into an outfit?

I'll be back tomorrow with a review that reminds me of a great Halloween costume (which may be foreshadowing my Friday post just a bit!).


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