Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fashion-Inspiration from Trafficked by Kim Purcell

On Monday I reviewed the book Trafficked by Kim Purcell...I loved this book!  I gave it 5 high heels (my version of 5 stars) because I loved it that much. 
In looking for an outfit/fashion inspiration from this book, I was struck by something with the Platonov family: they always wore slippers in the house.  Part culture and I believe part obsession with control, Mrs. Platonov insisted that everyone wear slippers in the house.  They even had slippers for their guests, so in other words, NO shoes in the house whatsoever. 

So I thought I'd show off some of my favorite slipper styles for each season.  Here they are:

Slippers Galore! 

  • The top left are super-snuggly for colder months and add a little cheer when you're feeling the winter blues.  Don't they just scream "time for a relaxing day"?!?
  • Of course I love adding glitz to slippers.  These are Betsey Johnson slippers, and she is notorious for adding sequins and boa-like feathers to all her slippers.  Aren't the hot pink SO cute?!
  • The bottom slipper is great for a dressier look.  The faux leopard print is sophisticated and trendy.  These are great slippers to wear if you have someone "important" coming to the house and you don't want to break out the sequins.
So what kinds of slippers are YOUR favorites?

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