Friday, October 18, 2013

Eleanor & Park-Inspired Outfit

Yesterday's review of Eleanor & Park featured a 1980s setting...perfect for outfit design!  So today's outfit is totally inspired by the 80s...totally rad!  So I picked a couple of trends that I remember from the 80s (I was a little kid then, you know) and designed this look:

80s Inspired

Can you guess what 80s trends I'm playing up?  Let's go through it:
  • The flower tank is tied in the front--don't you remember the 80s shirts tied to the side?  That was SUCH a thing then, so I played on that with this floral shirt.  The floral is super cute and sensitive...perfect for a romance book!
  • I added olive skinny pants to match the shirt.  It tames down the color and keeps it contemporary.
  • Jelly shoes!  Don't you remember and love jelly shoes?!  These pink jelly sandals bring back the jelly and add the pop of color we need.  They look super comfortable, too!
  • Stacked bracelets that correlate with the outfit keep the accessories simple and feminine.  

So what do you think?  A simple, girly outfit to play on the 1980s (but no one has to know that's what you're doing!).  I'll be back on Sunday with an Outfit of the Day post!

See you then!

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