Saturday, October 5, 2013

Add a Little Home Decor to your Saturday...

Last weekend I was honored to sing the national anthem with my sisters at my older sister's pinning ceremony--she was pinned as a Major in the Air Force...congrats, Alison!

Since the ceremony was in Washington, D.C. and I rarely get to see Alison's house (although I keep pretty up-to-date through her blog), I of course wanted to snoop at her home decor.  I love decorating and all things design, so it's always fun for me to see other people's homes.

I was definitely impressed by the decor that Alison has created to add to her home.  She is super busy working in the Air Force and being a mommy of two little ones (especially since her hubby is gone at school for the next 8 months) but still manages to have some fun adding decor to her house.  

Here were a few of my favorites:

I soooo want to make one of these for our house! It's a growth chart for the kiddos to track their constantly-growing bodies, made to look like a giant ruler.  You just need a plank, some stain, a good stencil, and some paint.  A chart like this is great if you know you'll move someday because you can just take it with you.

 Alison made her own marinades and displays them on the kitchen counter in ADORABLE pouring glasses (don't you just love the corks in the top?!).  She added some chalkboard sticker labels and chalkboard simple and lovely!

Alison loves thrift stores and is always finding cool pieces, like this Coca Cola crate.  She just turned it on its side to make a spice rack--so clever!

And I just had to throw this in because it was so cute!  Alison made a ton of quiche for the reception following her promotion ceremony, and she labeled the quiche varieties with scrabble letters.  Isn't that cute?!

So what fun decor have you added to your home or dinner party?

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