Monday, October 21, 2013

REVIEW--The Name of the Star

Needing a spooky read for October?  I have a great series for you to try out!  Today's review is on The Name of the Star, the first in Maureen Johnson's Shades of London series.  A great choice as we gear up for Halloween!

A creepy but beautiful cover!
  • Book 1 in the Shades of London series
  • Supernatural/Mystery/Thriller

The Gist:
Rory, a Louisiana native, is attending boarding school in London while her parents work overseas.  Almost immediately following her arrival, a series of murders in London starts occurring, and every murder seems to mimic Jack the Ripper.  Because of a near death experience, Rory finds herself connected to the murders--and Jack the Ripper himself--in more ways than expected.  A mystery thriller with major supernatural twists thrown in!
What I Loved:
  • Rory, the narrator, is very quippy and sarcastic.  I loved her voice!  A great example of this is my favorite quote down below.
  • I loved the various points of view that were given throughout the book of the random people connected to the murders.  A spooky way of starting various chapters!
  • Johnson does a great job of connecting the past and present in this book.  She really brought the history alive for me!
  • The murders are pretty horrifying; perfect for October!  And do you know much about Jack the Ripper?  Horrifying murders to say the least!
  • The characters are realistic--they're jealous, have crushes, etc.  

What I Didn't Love:
  • Rory's parents...they're pretty much nonexistant.  They don't even help Rory with her school orientation.
  • Rory's near death experience that allows her to connect with the supernatural--really?  It was a cheesy near death experience and seemed pretty minor.

My favorite quote:  "It didn't take a great deal of insight to know that Jazza was not going to want to go to a crime scene that evening.  She was, to use the vernacular, a normal person."


Overall a great read, and the sequel is just as creepy and fun!  I'll be reviewing it on Thursday!  Check back here Wednesday for an outfit inspired by this book!

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