Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When the Spy Needs to Stay in Shape...

Hi, friends!

Well, the snow has returned to Indiana...sigh.  I'm sending my best thoughts to the groundhog that he doesn't see his shadow in a few weeks.  We're ready for spring!!!!

But onward we go!  In my last post I reviewed Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz, the 9th book in the oh-so-loved Alex Rider series.  This series is so exciting--full of suspense, thrills, and even anxiety--and I cannot recommend it enough (especially to your reluctant guy readers!).  I've designed a spy-like outfit before, so today I decided to focus more on a "get fit" look.  After all, Alex Rider has to be in good shape if he has any chance of getting away from the crazy villains in this series.  So here's today's look:

A cute look for staying fit...or for going on a mission!

  • I love the pairing of the long, tight-fitting shirt with the slim workout pants.  Allows for easy movement while giving maximum effort (baggy shirts won't be getting in the way here).  I think a hot pink color is a perfect spy workout color--it's bold, in your face, and confident.
  • Aren't these shoes AWESOME?!  I love the bold neon yellow color with the pink detailing.
  • Sunglasses, of course, are just a necessity for a spy.  These are pretty stylish with the animal print.
  • The hot pink watch is perfect for workouts and keeps the outfit girly.  Love.
So what do you think?  Would you work out in an outfit like this?

I'll be back Thursday with another book review--keep reading and stay fashionable!

Long-sleeve zip-up shirt--Under Armour
Pants--Under Armour
Running Shoes--Under Armour
Sunglasses--Under Armour
Watch--Soleus (Amazon)

*I am not associated with any of the companies or products mentioned.

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