Thursday, January 16, 2014

Modcloth Uniquely You Style Competition--Check It Out!

Happy Thursday, readers and fashionistas!  I was recently contacted by a Modstylist from (her job sounds so cool--she basically stays up on trends and helps people create outfits for any occasion!) and asked if I would participate in Modcloth's Uniquely You campaign.  I thought it sounded super-fun, so I jumped at the chance to participate!

In the Uniquely You campaign, fashion bloggers are sent images of Modcloth accessories or articles of clothing; then we get to create a collage with up to 7 other Modcloth products and feature them on our Polyvore pages.  Modcloth will pick their favorite ensemble, and that winning blogger will have their collage featured on the Modcloth Polyvore page.  How fun!  I can't wait to see everyone's entries!  

For this week's contest, I was sent the image of the In the Key of Chic Dress in Polka Dots.  You guys, this dress is so adorable!  It is whimsical and cheery and I immediately knew exactly how I wanted to style it!  So here is my style entry:

 All About the Whimsy--a Modcloth Look

Isn't it just darling?!  Check out the full link here!
Cardigan      Heels      Clutch      Earrings      Necklace

Here's the breakdown of the outfit:
  •  Like I said, the dress is called "In the Key of Chic (polka dots)."  I can definitely see this outfit at a baby shower, a graduation, or any spring occasion!  It's light, full of color, and just plain fun!  I knew I wanted this dress to be the focal point of the outfit, so all of the other pieces needed to fit around it. 
  • Because the dress is so colorful, I wanted the accessories to highlight it, not surpass it.  So I chose honey and royal blue--they complement each other well and bring out the colors of the dress.
  • The honey cardigan keeps the dress casually formal (yes, you can be casual AND formal!).  If the cardigan is tucked into the royal blue belt, a woman's waist is defined and shown off!
  • Aren't these blue heels ADORABLE?!  These definitely keep the outfit fun and flirty--I love them!
  • Some simple honey and blue accessories--blue stud earrings and a yellow clutch.  Again, they go with the color theme and keep it whimsical.
  • I added a red bow necklace; even though this accessory is small, it does so much!  It draws out the red in the dress, keeps the outfit from being too "matchy," and stays fun.
So what do you think?  Leave a comment below to tell me what you think!  And don't forget to check out clothing and accessories are so adorable!

*I was contacted by Modcloth to enter their Uniquely You contest.  I am not being compensated for this post and have no other connection to Modcloth.  This is simply my design and my opinions!

 I'll be back tomorrow with another book review--see you then!

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