Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome to Erudite!

Ok, 2014--we need a do-over.  Although New Year's Eve was super fun and relaxing in our house, we have now been hit twice by the flu (in addition to this crazy Indiana blizzard!).  This time it's my husband--poor Luke, he is just miserable.

But enough about us--let's move on with our next faction outfit!  Today is Erudite, the highly intelligent and very proud!  The Erudite are known for wearing blue and for engrossing themselves in studies; they are the teachers, scientists, doctors, etc.  Again, a more professional look was inspired by this faction, and here's what I designed:

A professional, sleek Erudite look that I could honestly see Jeanine Matthews (Erudite representative) wear.  Here's the breakdown of the look:
  • This outfit is all about this dress!  The royal blue is just stunning and I love the sleek lines in the black detailing.  This style dress--with the little ruffling around the waist--is very trendy right now but still very professional.  A perfect choice for the Erudite!  *No wonder this dress is stunning--it is a Michael Kors and retails for about $525.
  • I added a black blazer just to keep the dress professional.  The Erudite wouldn't be about showing off their skin, so this extra piece would keep them trendy yet modest.  This is from House of Fraser and is about $98.
  • Black pumps--a given.  This outfit just wouldn't look as sophisticated without them!  These are Balmain black suede and run about $390.
  • These chandelier earrings keep the outfit young and fun.  And they're inexpensive--$22 from JC Penney.
  • Some clean nails that add just a hint of color was what this look needed.  This is OPI's "Bubble Bath," a popular choice for a neutral nail.
So, how did I do?  Does it look inspired by the Erudite?

Tomorrow we move on to Abnegation--Tris' original faction that focuses on being completely selfless.  Could YOU live in the Abnegation faction?  

*I am not associated with any companies or products mentioned.

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