Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welcome to Abnegation!

Ahhh, Abnegation--the selfless.  This is the faction that I would strive to choose.  It's a tough one--they are completely selfless, choosing to forgo any semblance of pride or selfishness in order to serve others.  This is the faction that our protagonist, Tris, was born into, and she is pretty honest in describing her difficulties in fitting within the lifestyle.

As would be expected, the Abnegation residents wear gray.  This color keeps them unnoticeable in a way and definitely out of the spotlight.  So that is the color inspiration for today's look.  I chose to make this outfit an athletic look, because the Abnegation focus on working and helping rather than sitting around.  And I kept this look relatively inexpensive, since the Abnegation wouldn't spend much on their looks.  Here's the result:


Here's the breakdown:

  • Of course I wanted gray as the most prominent color, so I chose a gray active long-sleeved shirt to go over a plain white tee.  These are comfortable, flexible choices that are just not in-your-face pieces.
  • I wanted to add some color, though (this is, of course, an inspiration look rather than a direct representation!), so I added sky blue shorts.  the Abnegation faction always seems peaceful and calm (until the end of Divergent, but that isn't entirely their fault), and that's what light blue means to me.  And these are comfortable shorts that aren't revealing too much of a girl's body!
  • These are cute tennis shoes that match the color scheme perfectly!  And Nikes are pretty universal, so I could see all members of the faction wearing the same shoe.
  • Abnegation residents wouldn't wear jewelry (that shows too much pride), so I chose a simple athletic watch since it is a tool as much as a piece of jewelry.
So what do you think?  Did I pull it off?  Tomorrow is the final fashion day--I'll conquer the Dauntless look!  See you then!

Gray active shirt--Old Navy--$25
Merona T-shirt--Target--$7
Daniele Alessandrini shorts--$152
Nike Flex Experience tennis shoes--$60
Timex Ironman Triathlon sports watch--$55 (JC Penney)

*I am not associated with any companies or products mentioned.

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