Friday, February 21, 2014

The Killing Woods-Inspired Look

Happy Friday, readers and fashionistas!  

Yesterday I reviewed the book The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher, a mystery involving a girl whose PTSD-suffering father is accused of murdering her classmate.  Creepy, right?

Well, in the book, Ashlee (the victim) often played a game called "The Game" with her boyfriend Damon and his friends.  The Game basically involved hiding in the woods while looking for the others; then you fight with them until you get their dog collar off their neck.  The person with the most dog collars at the end of the night wins.  Totally not a game I would want to play as a girl, but to each his own, right?

Since Ashlee is the only girl that played the game, she chose a pink, girly dog collar.  So today's outfit is based off's an outfit that I could see a girl wearing while running through the woods at night, with an added splash of color.  And here it is:

Athletic but girly, right?

Let's break it down:
  • The shorts are the splash of color that I wanted.  Even though Ashlee would probably only want to wear dark colors in the woods (to prevent the other guys from finding her), she did choose a pink dog collar so I chose pink for the shorts.  She seemed spunky enough, too, that I could see her wearing these shorts just to prove that she could be tough competition in any outfit.  I love the tuxedo stripe along the edges of the shorts!
  • The rest of the outfit was kept dark but girly--a simple black V-neck t-shirt.  Shirts like these are so comfortable.
  • Cute black running shoes.  Gotta be comfortable to run in the woods, right?
  • Ashlee and the guys had watches or cell phones to keep track of their time in The Game, and this one is chic and black.
  • I thought I'd be clever and throw in a dog tag necklace...close enough to a dog collar, right?  It's tough jewelry with a feminine touch.  I just couldn't resist.
So what do you think?  Could you see Ashlee running through the woods in this outfit?  

Check back soon for more great posts on YA books!  Have a great weekend!

Shorts--Merona from Target
T-shirt--House of Fraser
Shoes--Nike Free 5.0
Necklace--Forever 21

*I am not associated with any of the companies or products mentioned.

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