Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Candace Cameron Bure-Inspired Outfit and Review of Moms' Day Out!

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I think this is one of my favorite posts I've written, because as I think you'll see, the last few days for me have just flowed together so well!  I'm combining a book review with an outfit and a movie premiere--let me explain:

I recently reviewed Candace Cameron Bure's book Balancing It All--an honest and inspiring book of how women can balance our crazy lives as a wives, moms, employees, girlfriends, you name it.  It was a quick and encouraging read for me and I definitely recommend it!

So the book got me thinking--what are some go-to items that we can throw on when we need to feel like we have it together (even when we don't have it together)?  Kind of like some can't-fail-when-you-wear-these items.  Because when we're thrust in the middle of work, family schedules, and all things crazy, we don't often have the energy to pick out a cute outfit.

This exact scenario happened to me last night.  My friend Cherie (who has such an amazing story and you TOTALLY need to check her out!) invited me to a premiere screening of the movie Moms' Night Out (coming out on Mother's Day weekend, but more on that later!).  After working a full day, picking up my boys, feeding both boys, making dinner for my hubby, and curling my hair, I was exhausted.  And I was mentally exhausted--and I just needed to feel cute and put-together and not look like I had just put my two-year-old in time out for disobedience.  So I grabbed three items that I knew would give me that "oh I have it all together" even when I didn't feel it.  And, as cheesy as it sounds since I just reviewed Candace's book, I felt balanced.

So here's what I wore:

And I LOVED it!

I felt bright and "with it."  I had the confidence I needed to put my rushed evening out of my mind and just relax. So what were my three items that I grabbed?

  • Blouse  A bright and even patterned blouse is the item to wear.  You can dress it up or down and it gives you such a polished look.  Forget T-shirts and find a blouse.
  • Blazer  This, like a necklace, is a great way to dress up an outfit.  I purposely chose a blazer that complemented the blouse but wasn't too "matchy."  I love wearing bright blazers rather than simply black or brown--colors give off a sense of confidence.
  • Heels  Heels definitely make me feel like I'm put together.  A cute pair of flats can also do this if you'd rather not wear heels, but definitely avoid tennis shoes or worn-down shoes.  Pun not intended, but heels "heighten" the outfit and just take it to a level of being dressed up.  I chose a pair of nude heels because nude makes your legs look longer and I didn't want to overkill the outfit with color.
So those are my 3 recommended items to wear when you need a go-to look.  Don't waste time thinking about what to wear--have these at the ready!

Now, on to the movie.

I am so excited that I got to attend the premiere of Moms' Night Out--because it fit so well with Candace's book and how I was feeling last night!  It focuses on Allyson, a wife and mother of three young children who is trying her best to be a Mommy Blogger.  She is completely overwhelmed and unhappy with her life and feels like she just needs a break--which makes her also feel completely guilty. When her husband encourages her to go out for an evening with some friends, she reluctantly relinquishes her control of the kids and the house...only to find herself in the middle of the craziest night of her life.

I was really surprised at how many times I laughed in the movie--it was a funny yet heartfelt escape and I highly recommend seeing it!  There were some encouraging and genuine moments (my favorite line being "I'm a mess.  But I'm His beautiful mess.") and it was a great way to hang with my friend Cherie (seriously, go check her out!).

It comes out on Mother's Day weekend--go see it!

I'll be back soon with another book review--see you then!

Blouse--Von Maur
Blazer--Francesca's Collections
Heels--Madden Girl

*I am not associated with any of the companies/products mentioned. 

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