Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Level Up-Inspired Outfit

I'm a nerd--I proudly admit it (along with admitting that I'm a complete nerdfighter!) so today's look was really fun to design.  Based off the book Level Up (which I reviewed yesterday), it combines the casualness and sometimes dorkiness of being a video gamer.  And here it is:

Doesn't this look so comfortable?  And yet it's got that fashion edge, too!

So here's the breakdown:
  • The Gameboy t-shirt (which is SO CUTE!) takes the level of seriousness in this outfit down a few notches.  It's fun and fancy free!
  • I added a lighter-colored cardigan because I think all outfits should have layers.
  • Comfortable boot-cut jeans--a common wardrobe item and great for those who just aren't comfortable with skinny jeans.
  • Pink converse shoes.  Converse shoes are both nerdy and cool, and the pink refers back to the colors in the t-shirt.
Such a simple, comfortable outfit that I think gamers would be proud to wear!  What do you think?

T-shirt--David and Goliath
Cardigan--Target (less than $25)
Jeans--Old Navy
*I am not associated with any companies or products mentioned.

Tomorrow I'm back with another review--see you then!

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