Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Find

Happy Friday, everyone!

I'm facing this weekend with hesitated excitement--while I'm thankful for a few days of rest, we are hearing that more snow and ice is most likely on the way...blah!  C'mon spring!

So I'm excited to share an adorable Friday find with you, because we're all going to need a pick-me-up this weekend!  

Now I'm totally biased when it comes to this item because my husband Luke is a pilot and I love all-things airplane.  But how cute is this ring?! 
Ahhhh!  So cute!

It's from Lauren Conrad's jewelry collection at Kohl's.  It is dainty, sweet, feminine, and trendy!  I'm obsessed!  I think it's on Kohl's website right now for only $9...which makes it even better!

So what have you been finding lately?

*I am not associated with Kohls or Lauren Conrad.


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