Wednesday, February 12, 2014

REVIEW--Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone

Happy Wednesday, readers and fashionistas!  Today I'm revieweing Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone by Kat Rosenfield.  My students often joke with me because I read so many murder mysteries--well, here's another one!  I think I just like a good challenge of guessing a murderer (although I'm usually wrong!).  So let's get started!


  •  Standalone novel
  • Mystery
The Gist:
Becca just graduated from high school as salutatorian.  She's always thought that she is ready to get out of her hometown and never look back...that is, until a girl (Amelia Anne) is discovered dead on the side of the road.  Even though Becca knows nothing about Amelia Anne, she is completely shaken up by her murder and just isn't sure of anything anymore.  But she may have reason to be shaken up, because there may be people from her life who are more involved than she realizes.

What I Loved:
  • This book had a double point of view.  Becca often tells the story, but every so often Amelia Anne is the highlight.  I really liked this, especially reading about Amelia Anne since I knew she would end up dead.
  • There are similarities between Becca and Amelia Anne that kept the story interesting, like them both feeling trapped in their lives.
  • Richly written, just beautiful prose. 
  • The cover--so creepy and yet so beautiful!
 What I Didn't Love:
  • Becca really hung out with a rough crowd...and I found this hard to believe for a salutatorian (hey, I know that's stereotypical, but I work in a school and I still believe it).
  • I really didn't know much about Becca except that she was obsessed with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, James.  I was just over her.
  • Some intense, climactic scenes were a little muddled, and I was a little confused at some of the worst times.  I hate having to re-read because I didn't fully understand something, but I had to a few times.
  • I wanted to see more action--the police, their investigation, etc.  I felt so trapped inside Becca's depressed mind.
  • A lot of sex in this book...a little too much!
My favorite quote: "When you made plans, the saboteurs came out to play."

Well, as you can see, I struggled with this one and had a lot of issues with it.  So it's just two stars for me...

I'm designing an outfit based off of Amelia Anne tomorrow, though!  Come back and check it out!

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