Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to Lead a Life of Crime-Inspired Outfit

A few days ago (before we got MORE snow in Indiana!) I reviewed How to Lead a Life of Crime by Kirsten Miller, a dangerous thriller about an academy for criminal teens.  I couldn't resist designing an outfit for Gwendolyn, the head student of the school who was pretty ruthless.  She takes Flick to a cocktail party for the academy alumni and wears a bold, dangerous black dress.  I just had to design for her!  And here's what I designed:

Wow, check out the neckline of that dress!  So bold and in-your-face!

*Now this outfit is totally "no-limits" when it refers to money, because everyone in the Mandel Academy had all kinds of wealth at their fingertips.  So in other words, this was a fun one to design!

Let's break it down:
  • This dress is perfect.  A low neckline, cinched in waist, and slim skirt--to me, it all screams power and confidence.  And that is definitely Gwendolyn.
  • Tall black pumps, an obvious choice.  One of the most notable pieces of fashion when it relates to power.
  • Some chandelier diamond earrings--if you're wealthy, you wear diamonds, right?  And these are so elegant and perfect for a cocktail party!
  • Red nail polish--red, classic.
  • And a diamond bracelet to add just a little more bling.  Because when you got it, you flaunt it!
So what do you think?  Could you see a dangerous, threatening student in an outfit like this?  

Tomorrow is my Friday Find--what will it be?  See you then!

Dress--Victoria Beckham (over $2700!)
Heels--Jimmy Choo (almost $600)
Earrings--Dannijo Mariella
Nail polish--Essie, "Really Red"
Bracelet--David Yurman (Saks Fifth Avenue) ($2400!)

*I am not associated with any companies or products mentioned (although with this outfit, I sure wouldn't mind it!).

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