Monday, November 2, 2015

Made You Up-Inspired Outfit

I really loved the characters in Made You Up.  There was no love triangle (thank you, Francesca Zappia!), the characters were realistic, yet there was depth to each individual.  I could've designed an outfit for any of the book's characters, so I decided to just stick with Alex, the protagonist.  She's smart yet a bit on the outskirts, and I wanted both those traits to be featured in the outfit.  Here's what I created:

  • I picked bold red pants because Alex's hair is this bright red.  Not orange or ginger--RED.  Colored pants are fun to add in a wardrobe.
  • The T-shirt is a patent shirt.  With Alex and Miles always sharing random historical facts together, it seemed natural for Alex to wear a nerdy shirt like this.
  • The black cardigan keeps Alex from being the center of attention and keep her comfy.  I think she would have wanted to wear something baggy--something she could "hide" in.
  • I've mentioned before that author Francesca Zappia wore Converse shoes for us, so I just automatically think of Alex as wearing them, too.  A simple black pair.
  • I don't think Alex would wear a lot of jewelry, just basics like this watch.
So what do you think?  Would you wear something like this?  Does it fit Alex?

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