Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Stylish Week

Take a look at what made last week so stylish for us!

On our way home from Nashville, we decided to make a spontaneous stop in Bowling Green, KY for an underground cave boat ride. The boys loved it and it was definitely a family fun adventure!
 Getting ready for our tour!  Little guy was very curious.

 Post-tour selfie.

With Halloween so close, we got into the holiday spirit with some family activities.
 Our oldest son wanted a traditional Jack O'Lantern look.  So that's what he got!

 We made some chocolate/candy corn popcorn.  Yummmm.

We started a new tradition--painting a pumpkin to match one of our Halloween costumes!  Our oldest is dressing like Baymax from Big Hero Six, so this was an easy pumpkin paint job!

Speaking of Halloween, our oldest is obsessed with his Baymax costume.  I found him like this in his bedroom and he said he was "getting ready for blastoff."

We made a batch of pumpkin pecan oatmeal muffins this week and it made for a healthy but yummy breakfast.  Recipe found here.

We took part of my Fall Break week to redesign our boys' room.  Which meant my lovely husband got to paint their room!

 We picked up supplies for a headboard project for the boys, and at one point I found that our kiddos had left Woody like this on our cart.  I totally felt the same way, Woody.

We ended the week with a Halloween party at one of Luke's co-worker's house.  He was Bob Ross and I was his happy tree :)  We had to explain our costume a lot (and then only half the guests understood it) but we still laugh at how much we love the costumes.

So what made your week stylish?

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