Monday, October 5, 2015

My Stylish Week

I'm a day late getting this post up, but we were on the road this weekend and got home much later than we hoped.  And when you get home from a trip, you have to get the kids to bed, start the laundry, pack the next day's lunches, etc.  And then if you're like me you leave on Monday morning without your lunch...oy.

Here's what my week looked like!

This week our oldest had an ice cream social at his preschool.  It was our first chance to talk with his teacher since school started.  She let us know that he is a very smart boy and that his recovery times on his meltdowns are getting shorter (whew!).  That's exactly what we wanted to hear!
He was so excited about seeing his friends and eating his ice cream that he couldn't take time to look at the camera.

Little brother was obsessed with the class hamster!

This week was Homecoming Week at our school, which means fun dress-up days!

Here was Holiday Day:

 And school color day:  Can you tell I recently watched the Cinderella movie?

We had a super-fun pep session at the end of the day on Friday where our principal about gave us a heart attack when he swung from the ceiling and almost hit a basketball goal.  Yikes!

Have you seen this gold flatware at Target?  Umm, I want!

One of my students met author Ransom Riggs last week and got me an autograph!  Soooo excited as I love Ransom's Miss Peregrine... series.

Luke's cousin got married this weekend (congratulations, Grant and Morgan!) so we got to see a lot of his family.  And the boys danced and ran their hearts out at the reception!
 I love this H&M dress--so classy!

The happy couple!

So what made your week stylish?

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