Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Stylish Week

Another week gone by!  And it was a lovely one for us as Fall is moving into town.  Take a look!

As Fall is moving in, it's time to pull out the boots and cardigans!  This was a fun outfit to wear as my family trekked around on a lazy day.

After a grocery store has been in our town for about a year, we FINALLY tried it out!  Our little guy loved getting to push around his own cart!

And speaking of a new grocery store, we have been on a health kick lately--eating cleaner and avoiding all the junky sugar and fat.  Meals like this one--fish with fresh vegetables--were a hit!

It's amazing how a (faux) leather jacket can change up an outfit.  I've worn this dress before but my outfit got SO much more attention when I paired it with the jacket and boots.

This little guy was squealing in the next room because he solved some new train puzzles.  Of course, the cheetah hat helped him.

School photos came out this week!  I was so excited that the photographer let me put all my hair on one side!

When our oldest took a preschool field trip to a nearby apple orchard, he became obsessed with the idea that I would take his apples and make an apple pie.  So I did one better--I made an apple tart!  It looked lovely and was very delicious!  Recipe found here.

A friend and I took an evening to explore a local town, peruse some antique and candy stores, have dinner outside, and go to a historic theater.  Such a fun night and a needed getaway for this Mama!

So what made your week stylish?

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