Friday, September 4, 2015

Darius & Twig-Inspired Outfit

It's FRIDAY!  So excited about a three-day weekend!

Yesterday I reviewed Darius & Twig by Walter Dean Myers, and while I didn't really enjoy this book, I wanted to design an outfit for Twig.  He's a runner--a good runner--that's trying to figure out his true passions in life.

So I wanted to design a running outfit for Twig.  A basic, tried-and-true outfit that he could throw on whenever he had the chance to go out running.  And here's what I came up with:

  • Don't you love the running shirt?  Get it, 13.1?  I love puns and cheesy jokes on exercise clothes since you usually need a smile in the midst of a tough workout.
  • Basic running shirts that aren't constricting.
  • I like the electric blue in the running shoes.
  • Running essentials--exercise watch with stopwatch and headphones.  I know cross country runners aren't encouraged to run with headphones, but I definitely don't like running without them.
 Can you see a guy running in this?

And did you check out my August Favorites video yet?  It went live today--these are my favorite videos to watch!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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