Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Last Two Stylish Weeks

Weather-wise, the last two weeks have been crazy--we went from sweltering 90-degree temperatures to mild, Fall-like days (I prefer the latter!).  So here's a look at my last two weeks!

Please tell me you've heard of these!  They've been all the rage in Indiana lately.  They straight-up taste like cotton candy.  GRAPES!  Luke brought these to me at work when we had a lunch date. They were fun to try, but after the first few bites my mouth kind of went numb to the taste.

There is nothing more exciting to a librarian than boxes of books!  These were SO fun to open!

Haircuts used to be quite the screaming ordeal, but now they're pretty fun for the boys!  As soon as I walked up to this guy with the camera, he yelled out "Chee!"  

Summer weather has meant big dinner salads...yum.

My girlfriend Sue gave me these Pooh books when she retired from my building last year.  So so sweet.

This guy started soccer and is having a ton of fun!  His team got yellow shirts so they named themselves "The Giraffes."  So of course my guy wants me to call him "Little Giraffe" all the time.  Adorable.

This is my favorite chick flick of all time (I know, this one?!  But it is!).  And it was $3 at Walmart.  I made Luke watch it with me, but I have to admit it's more fun to watch it with my little sis.

We started a behavior chart with our oldest to celebrate his good decisions and discourage his bad ones.  We were so excited to give him his first sticker!

Obviously if you're going to visit your friends and check out their new apartment, you have to wear your superhero cape.

Our school hosted a talent show called "Cabaret."  I agreed to participate by singing "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" from Frozen.

My two buddies joined in to represent the staff and they were AWESOME!

Luke even brought me a peppermint tea before the show to help "prepare my voice."

I hope your last two weeks were as lovely and silly as mine!

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