Friday, May 1, 2015

No Drama Llama--A Playing Hooky Outfit

Happy Friday, ya'll!  Ready for the weekend?  We have a PACKED weekend with some fun dates ahead of us (we're going to the Symphony and chaperoning Prom!), so I thought I'd share an Outfit post from a date we took earlier this week.

Tuesday was Luke's birthday (he's now a handsome 34-year-old!) and we both took a vacation/personal day to celebrate with a day out on our own.  Let me tell you, with two little ones, having a meal together without having to remove all bottles/sharp objects is quite the luxury!

We spent the day in Indianapolis drinking coffee, having lunch at a (new to us) burger spot, and seeing a movie.  It was relaxing and just pure fun.

So since we had a date, I wanted to wear something fun, too.  And what is more fun than a llama?!

Look!  It's a llama sweater!

This sweater is actually called the "No Drama Llama" sweater from Brooklyn Industries.  And that's the kind of llama I need in my life--no drama!

I'm absolutely obsessed with chambray shirts, and this sweater fit over one so nicely.  I'm wearing a size Medium, which was probably a little shorter than I would have liked--order up on this one!

I paired the casual necklace with a glam necklace--I love the opposites of this look.

I paired the outfit with brown oxford-like shoes.  Kind of a vintage look that I love.

A pop of orange nails with gold sparkles.  The llama is orange, which was a total coincidence.  I never purposefully match my nails to my outfit.

Don't you love the teal stripes on the top of the sweater?!

A fun outfit for a fun day on the town!

Jeans--Ralph Lauren
Shoes--X Appeal
Chambray Shirt--J Crew Outlet
Necklace--J Crew Outlet

*I'm not associated with the products/companies mentioned.  All opinions are my own.

Happy birthday, Luke!  Let's make your 34th year the BEST EVER!

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