Friday, May 8, 2015

The 100-Inspired Look

Today I'm sharing an outfit that I designed for Clark from The 100.  Now let me say from the get-go that I haven't seen the TV show The 100, so I have no idea if this matches AT ALL what Clark's TV character is like.  This is all related to the book and what I felt Clark would wear once she made it to Earth.

I absolutely loved The 100!  I loved the various voices, points of view, and plot situation.  I raced through it and definitely recommend it!

Of all the characters telling the story, Clark seems to be the main one.  Maybe that's because two male characters tend to be wrapped up in her as well, so her name seems to float around a little more than the others.  So she was an easy choice for the outfit design.

Clark is strong, attractive, and determined.  She branches off from the group once she reaches Earth and is intent on surviving and helping others survive.  All of that together is how I came up with this:

  • I used cargo pants because they are comfortable and make hiking/camping a little easier.  And with Clark traipsing off into the woods to search for a missing girl, she needs pockets and comfortable walking.
  • The T-shirt is a reminder of Clark's home in space.  
  • Converse shoes are trendy yet comfortable.  I think Clark would still have a few trendy pieces (since she has two guys interested in her) but wouldn't want that to get in the way of her survival.
  • The black watch is useful yet chic.
  • Same with the teal backpack--obviously useful with a bit of a girly touch.
So what do you think?  Would you hike around in an outfit like this?

Check out The 100!  It's a fantastic read that will have you racing to finish!

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