Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Two Ways to Wear Denim

Today is a super fun post--I'm showing you two ways that I styled denim.  Denim button-up shirts are all the rage right now, which I am so excited about.  They can be dressed up or down and can take a really outrageous wardrobe piece and tone it down.

Here's how I styled my denim shirt last week for two more "dress-up" moments--Easter and work.

This was what I wore on Easter day--I love this tutu!  You may remember it from my post here.

A tutu can be totally outrageous or it can be toned down.  It helps that my tutu is gray rather than neon, but nevertheless the denim shirt make the tutu more casual than crazy.

I put a gray and white striped tank top under the denim shirt to tie in with the gray of the skirt.  Again, a casual touch to the outfit.

Tucking in the shirt makes the outfit "less sloppy" as well.

Blush pink sandals kept the feminine touch in the outfit.  And since I knew I would be chasing my two boys on Easter, I didn't want to wear heels!

 A faux-diamond chunky necklace and blush pink chandelier earrings dressed up the look.

And what's more fun on an Easter outfit than colored nails?  Purple with gold speckles!

Denim shirt--J Crew Outlet
Striped Tank--Von Maur
Necklace--J Crew Outlet
Earrings--my own collection (pretty old!)
Purple nail polish--Sally Hansen
Gold speck nail polish--Sephora by OPI

A few days later I wore the same denim shirt to work like this:

 The navy and tan dress has a tank top, so obviously I can't wear it to school without some sort of jacket/cardigan!  Again, the denim shirt dresses down the look.

On this look, I left the denim shirt untucked (obviously there's nowhere to tuck it in!).  But so it wouldn't look so sloppy, I added a thick belt with gold detailing.  That really ties the shirt and dress together in a more cohesive look.  Because the belt is thick, I didn't add any extra jewelry.

Again, sandals dress down the dress and get me ready for Spring weather!

Dress--local boutique called Dottie Couture
Denim shirt--J Crew Outlet
Belt--Charlotte Russe

So what do you think?  How do YOU wear denim shirts?  I can't wait to throw one on with colored/patterned shorts this summer!

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